• Current Plan Review
BCNL will perform a diagnosis to review the current plan, fusing the clients' preferences with determined needs of the employees. Simple diagnosis of the following variables will assist BCNL consultants in progression to the next step in the process.

• Plan Objectives
It is important that the determined type of plan fits the needs of the employees. This is almost always figured based on the profile of the employee base, as well as the company's principle of employee recruiting and retention.

• Corporate Objectives
A crucial step in a successful diagnosis, is identifying the objectives of the employer. There is not a one-size-fits-all answer to any plan. The employer needs to be assured the plan fits the needs of the employees, but also has clearly defined benefits for the corporation. This will be determined based on the corporation's size among other variables.

• Corporate Challenges
Once the type of plan is determined, the costs, manpower and resources are addressed to assure the plan is implemented and managed effectively and efficiently.

• Resources
BCNL has a wealth of resources available to our customers and will also act as a consultant or broker of resources that need to be acquired to make the plan most successful.